Rules & Terms

A goal we have on Nodmarck is to keep our community safe from account hackers and dangerous or rude people. For the achievement of this goal we have set up some rules that are intended for everyone to follow. By playing on our server, using our website or our discord server you have to follow these rules for a fair and nice experience with others. You also have to follow our Discord rules.
For our Terms Of Service, click Here.

Rule #1
Be respectful.

Nodmarck is a place for people to share their opinions and creations on Minecraft, but also discuss about various topics. Being respectful towards other people is very important, especially if you want to be treated with respect and friendliness. The reason we have this rule is to expand our community and make it a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone to hang out. The type of content we do not allow to be published is the following:

- Spamming.
- Cursing/bad word usage.
- Disrespect towards the staff team and the other players.
- Links, images or videos that consist of adult content, illegal sites, violence and a player's information.
- Advertisements
- Links to viruses or dangerous internet websites.

Rule #2
Do not create or link unsuitable content.


Pretty similar to the first rule. Linking or creating content that is not suitable for everyone isn't allowed and may result in a punishment. This content can be:

- Adult images.
- Violence
- Bad username
- Disrespectful, threatening or annoying content.
Rule #3
Keep your account safe.

The internet is full of danger, this means that you must be careful while using it. Account selling/purchasing or scamming others via our website and Discord server will result in a punishment. We have a list with some tips and small rules to follow:

- Do not give any personal information to others such as addresses, phone numbers and other.
- Do not give account passwords, especially email passwords.
 - Account selling, scamming or purchasing via our website and Discord server will result in a punishment.

Failing to follow this rules can result in an either permanent or either temporarily punishment on our Discord server or website.