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about 1 month ago
Survival: Shopping Update 1.0

Hey there everyone!


I am very happy to announce the very first update on the survival server, and that update is called the Shopping Update. I have added a total of 3 Villagers on the spawn that sell various items. Here's a list of what i added so far:


➣ Minerals, Tools & Currency Shop


- Compressed Ore Blocks (For example, 3 coal, iron, gold, diamond or emerald blocks for 1 compressed block. There's also a compressed netherite block for 27 netherite ingots)

- Fortune pickaxe tiers (Ranging from Tier 1 with fortune 4 to Tier 5)

- Efficiency pickaxe tiers (Ranging from Tier 1 with efficiency 6 to Tier 4)

- Various ore trades (e.g: 30 iron ingots for 1 diamond)

- 4 Diamonds for 64 coins (Coins are used to purchase various items)


➣ Combat Shop


- Rout swords (Swords with very good enchantments. From wood to netherite that cost some diamonds)

- Bow trades (From power 1 to power 7, they cost diamond blocks)

- Arrow trades (Poison, Harming and Harming II arrows. 64 arrows for 3 compressed coal blocks)

- The bedrock shield (An unbreakable shield for 2 compressed netherite blocks. The reason why it's so expensive is due to the fact that it cannot break)

- Perfect Armour (4 tiers, from Rare to Mythical armour with overpowered enchantments)


➣ Misc Items Shop


- Various mob spawners for your mob farm. They cost compressed blocks

- Minecraft Vanilla items such as horse armours

- Various pets (They cost coins)



That's all for now. Keep in mind that some of the prices and items will probably be changed in the near future. If you think that an item is too overpriced, overpowered or too cheap, let us know! Thanks for reading this announcement, have a nice day!


Server IP:

about 1 month ago
The Nodmarck server for Minecraft is now open

Hey there, i am very happy to announce that the Nodmarck Minecraft server is now public! It's a survival server for 1.16.4 with upcoming events and awesome features. Once you join, you will be greeted with a nice spawn and a hologram that displays some information about the server. 

You can find the server's rules here: (Minecraft server rules section)

The server IP is That's all for now, i hope you have a fantastic day!

2 months ago
[GUIDE] Tips and tricks on how to grow your Discord server

Hello, this is a just a small guide on how to grow your Discord server. Feel free to share your ideas here, because i am also trying to expand the Nodmarck Discord along with some other staff members. Here are some tips on how to grow your community:


1) Make your community focus on a subject that most people like/enjoy.


This tip is very important. If your server doesn't have something unique, made with effort, it will be hard to grow it and bring members. Your server might be focused on Gaming, for example, but add something unique to it. For example, a bot that displays the latest updates from various games, such as Minecraft, or Apex Legends. If your community is simply focused on meeting new people and chatting, find something unique. If it's focused on entertainment, make something entertaining within your server.


2) Be active on your server.


Everyone likes Discord servers that are active, so make sure to organize giveaways, events, and more to bring some activity on your server. You also have to be active yourself and start conversations with your members, tell your staff to be active too. If you don't get enough people to participate on your events/giveaways, you can wait until your server gets more members and then you can organize something.


3) Advertise your server very often.


Advertising is very important too. There's plenty of servers on Discord that have a lot of channels for people to promote their communities. Tell your staff members to promote the community across Discord as much as they can every day, but keep in mind that DM advertising is NOT allowed and it can get you banned from Discord, it may be effective, but it's not a good solution. Make sure to also partner with other servers, i would reccomend servers that are as big as your server, because if you choose too large servers, your invite might get buried on their partner channel, because big servers start partnerships every day and they have a lot of invites on their channel. On the other hand, too small servers don't have many members to join your community, so make sure that you know what you're doing. Using bump bots is also very effective. For example, Disboard is a website where people can post their Discord servers and then bump them. If you add your server on Disboard or on any similar website and then bump it, it will be seen by more people. Disboard is one of the best websites for this, and they also have made a bot to bump your server and bring it to the top of their server list. 


4) Keep your server fun, organized and entertainment.


Most people enjoy servers that have fun channels, such as counting channels, bot game channels and more. Find a way to keep your server as fun as you can, this will make people want to stay and be active. Furthermore, make sure that all the channels are readable, have short letters and are well organized. Having too many emojis is not good, having no emojis is okay, but some people like to see channels with at least 1 emoji, so pay attention to that. Make sure that everything is working perfectly.


4) Take ideas from others.


Now by this i don't mean to straight up copy another server, but find ideas from other people and put them in your server. You can join a server, see what they have that you don't have and take their idea, but make it a bit different. For example, someone might have a star symbol or a emoji on their roles, you can do something similar. 


Keep in mind that i am still trying to learn various stuff about Discord, so i might have made some mistakes here or i might have missed something that is important. I hope this guide gave you some ideas, but feel free to leave your tips and tricks and i might edit this post to add something else. Help us to grow our our own Discord community by joining Here. Thank you very much for reading, i will see you soon. Have a nice day!

~ George





2 months ago

True gamers respect all games 👍

2 months ago
Welcome to the website!

Hey, welcome to!

This website is mainly for applications and announcements that we will post regarding our Discord server/website. I will also provide some important links below for you to check out. These links will lead to our application pages, our rules and the forum page.

Our website doesn't have many users simply because we haven't announced it, but we are ready to officially open it for you to discuss, meet others and more. Every registered user will have the ability to write a forum post on our forums page, they can ask questions or share something important/interesting. Our moderator must moderate the forums to see if there's any rule breakers. Currently, we have some forum categories for you to write different posts, but we will defitenly add more categories as time goes by. 





- Write an appeal:

- Apply for staff:

- Apply for moderator:

- Read our community rules & terms or service:

- Check out our forums:

- Information about us:

- Discord Community:


We will advertise our website on various Discord servers to bring some people in it, feel free to talk on our forums page. That's all for today, thanks for reading!

~ Nodmarck