Nodmarck is a gaming-related community and a Minecraft survival server for people to build bases, make friends, and more.  Our Discord server and website are the main places where you can discuss with others and have a nice time. If you need help, you can ask an online staff member for assistance such as an admin or a moderator. Keep in mind that you can't receive support from Twitter or from any other social media accounts we have, you can only receive support from Discord or the website. Below you can see a staff list of all our staff staff members, this includes admins and mods (NOTICE: You can view additional information for only the admins at the moment).


➢ Nodmarck  -  Founder & Community Manager

Nodmarck (AKA George K.) is the founder of the community and the community manager.
Information can be found below on the "General Information" section. 

➢ EnriqueG  -  Owner & General Manager

Enrique joined the community when the failed minigames server was open. He started as a helper, and then became a manager.
He was promoted around 1 or 2 months after he joined, and he is still one of the best admins and a good owner on the community.

➢ Dqnker  -  Senior Manager & Partnership Manager

Dqnker joined the community the same day Enrique did. He was a builder, and managed to stay at the manager position.
At the moment, he is the senior manager on the community and a partnership manager.

➣ Rehydren  -  Developer

Rehydren joined somewhere on December of 2020. He is currently helping on the Minecraft server,
he is also a YouTuber with over 900 subscribers and a nice admin.


➢ GamingNinja  -  Discord Moderator
➢ ImKHII  -  General Moderator
➢ phatgiraffe06  -  General Moderator



The Nodmarck Community originally started from a Discord server made in 2019 by a new Discord user. There was an attempt for a Minecraft minigames server somewhere on 2020, but this attempt failed. The Discord server grew, and thanks to the failed minigames server, the community managed to welcome more staff members and other people. After reaching 200 members on Discord, the server was unfortunately griefed by a moderator and lost every single member, leaving only 6 staff members. In a single week, the server grew faster than ever and managed to get 100 members. The nodmarck survival server was opened somewhere on December of 2020, and we're planning to add more games soon. 

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