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Nodmarck is a multi-porpuse community mainly focused on Minecraft. Our Discord server and website are the main places where you can discuss with others and have fun. If you need help, you can ask an online staff member for assistance such as a admin or a moderator. Nodmarck also consists of a map makers team that is planning to create Minecraft maps soon, so stay tuned! The rest of the page displays some information about us, it also has an administrator list.


➢ Nodmarck (George K.)  -  Founder & Community Manager
➢ EnriqueG (John E.)  -  Owner & General Manager
➢ Dqnker  -  Lead Manager & Partnership Manager



➣ Rehydren  -  Developer
➢ eu8umiou  -  General manager & YouTuber


To expand our team and help us, make sure to open an application on our Staff Applications page located on the sidebar. 


Website hosting: NamelessHosting
Discord server:
First Discord Member: Pickled Bean (Username on Discord)

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