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05 Jul 2020
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15 Jan 2021

Hey, welcome to!

This website is mainly for applications and announcements that we will post regarding our Discord server/website. I will also provide some important links below for you to check out. These links will lead to our application pages, our rules and the forum page.

Our website doesn't have many users simply because we haven't announced it, but we are ready to officially open it for you to discuss, meet others and more. Every registered user will have the ability to write a forum post on our forums page, they can ask questions or share something important/interesting. Our moderator must moderate the forums to see if there's any rule breakers. Currently, we have some forum categories for you to write different posts, but we will defitenly add more categories as time goes by. 





- Write an appeal:

- Apply for staff:

- Apply for moderator:

- Read our community rules & terms or service:

- Check out our forums:

- Information about us:

- Discord Community:


We will advertise our website on various Discord servers to bring some people in it, feel free to talk on our forums page. That's all for today, thanks for reading!

~ Nodmarck

Nodmarck · 2 months ago